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Biscayne Import Services realizes that service is what the business is all about. Foreign Companies that import goods to the Unites States are normally unfamiliar with U.S. customs regulations and practices. Rey Gonzalez and his team realize that they may be the only point of contact for these foreign operations. Therefore, the company goes above and beyond to inform importers, to educate them and will do whatever it takes to help clients feel at ease.



Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the importer's bond is now guaranteeing the accuracy and timely transmittal of this information. Violations will result in monetary penalties or liquidated damages.

What do I need to clear my shipment?

Your Customs Broker requires the following, at a minimum, in order to prepare an entry:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of lading or Air Waybill
  • Country of origin Marking
  • Other regulatory agencies
  • Your Cooperation
How long does it take to clear my shipment?

After the first few entries, when Customs may take a little extra time to become familiar with your company and the products you import, the usual time for clearance can be a short as a few hours up to 2-3 days. Perishables are usually cleared immediately.

Why do I need a bond?

At the time of entry, every importer must post a Customs bond for each shipment of merchandise valued over $2,500.00 (or any value for commodities subject to other federal agencies requirements) The primary purpose of a customs bond is to guarantee the payment of import duties and taxes to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as well as to assure compliance with all laws and regulations governing the entry of merchandise from foreign shipping points into the United States.

What is 10 + 2 Rule Importer's security filing (short version)?
  • Customs now requires 10 additional data elements to be filed on every importation by ocean carrier. It is the law.
  • The importer is responsible to file this information timely and accurately.
  • This information can only be filed electronically by you, your broker or any other agent with access to AMS or ABI with proper power of attorney.
  • Your logical choice would be your broker since he already has the ability to file information on your behalf electronically to Customs.
  • This information needs to be filed 24 HOURS before the cargo is laden on board the exporting vessel.

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What We Do

Biscayne Import Services is driven by a basic philosophy: “Plan thoroughly and execute flawlessly so that processes go smoothly and problems are avoided.” We strive to first understand your business and needs intimately so that we can offer you the most effective and efficient customized solutions. Along with you, we determine the optimum way to enter your goods into the United States. Our philosophy and 35 years of experience ensure this.

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